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Steef Zoetmulder’s work has received considerable interest for decades and more recently his work has been featured on many online sites.
With this website we have consolidated, for ease of study and viewing.

The Nederlands Fotomuseum is the custodian of his archive for conservation, utilization and to provide access to this cultural heritage. Since 1996 Steef Zoetmulder’s archive, consisting of both negatives and slides, have been secured in their state of the art facilities in Rotterdam. The copyright remains with the family.

Original photo collection
In addition to this archive there are approximately 950 signed, stamped and dated original photographs. There is a wide range of vintage photographs from 1930 to 1992 in a variety of sizes and subject matters.
Many of these images can be found in the book “Steef Zoetmulder Subjective Photography 1940/1960”, but also others, earlier and later that have been featured in professional magazines such as “Photo”, “P/F” and “Camera International”.
Zoetmulder specialized in advertising and publicity and up until today his work can be seen in all forms of media through the access provided by the Nederlands Fotomuseum.

This collection is in the possession of his children, Steef jr, Irene and Karen. They have approached Dr. Maartje van den Heuvel Conservator Photography, University Leiden section Special Collections and found her interested to start a fundraising process, to acquire the core collection. Verwerving collectie twintigste-eeuwse kunstfotografie van fotograaf Steef Zoetmulder – Universiteit Leiden. Part of this collection includes very detailed documentation material with his original correspondence and articles written during the course of his career.

The University Leiden is the preeminent place for this collection and thereby secures the accessibility for this Dutch photographic cultural heritage. This precipitated Dr. Maartje van den Heuvel in collaboration with Fotomuseum the Hague the process of organizing an exhibition of the emerging of photography as an art form after WWII. “Visual Light” will for the first time bring into focus the collaboration of this movement in an overview exhibition with accompanying book in 2024.


Steef Zoetmulder jr